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What's New At Alton Towers Resort?

In 2021

Gangsta Granny: The Ride

Opening Spring 2021

Climb into your royal carriage as Granny and Ben enlist your help to pull off the greatest jewel heist in history! Take a spin through the sewers on a 360° special effects laden wild ride to break into the crown jewels vault! Can you grab the jewels and make an explosive escape? Careful, if the Feds catch you, you'll be in a right royal mess!

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Gangsta Granny Themed Rooms

Available Now At Alton Towers Hotel

From The World of David Walliams, stay and enjoy a fully immersive Gangsta Granny overnight experience! Guests will be able to stay in a uniquely themed room, surrounded by the book's much loved characters and hidden treasures.

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